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Used roll forming machines for sale

The world of metal production wouldn't be possible without roll forming machines.

Posted by Ben Browne on Monday, 21st December 2020

The world of metal production wouldn't be possible without roll forming machines. Metal roll formers are responsible for creating the metal parts that we find in so many different industries, including aviation and automobile, oil and gas, building and housing, transportation, and many more.

A roll forming machine manipulates long strips of metal fed into a machine and passed or 'rolled' through different stations. During the process, fixed rollers guide the metal while simultaneously creating the required bends. As the strip of metal passed through the roll forming machine, each set of rollers bend the metal differently, according to specifications, to create an exact shape at the end.

This progressive method of manipulating sheet metal ensures that the correct cross-sectional configuration is precise, while simultaneously conserving the work piece's cross-sectional area.

Used roll forming machines are used by manufacturers thanks to their power and speed. Ranging from approximately 30 to §00 feet per minute, they can create many parts very efficiently. Investing in a used roll forming machine is a smart business choice for owners looking for a good value option. There are many robust, high-quality second-hand roll forming machines for sale, meaning that regardless of requirements and budget, most business owners who are looking for used roll forming machines for sale can find one to suit their needs.

The Basics Of The Roll Forming Process

A typical roll forming machine has a line that can be divided into four components. The first is the entry section, and this is where the metal is initially loaded into the machine. This is done by inserting the beginning of the sheet or fed in from a continuous coil.

The second section is where the roll forming process begins. The station rollers shape the metal as well as drive the metal through the machine.

The third part is the cut off press. Here the metal is cut according to the specifications the machine has been set to.

The last section of a standard roll former is the exit station. The final part leaves the machine and is passed out onto a roller conveyor or table. From here, it will be manually transported wherever it needs to go next.

Developments In The Roll Forming Industry

Most new roll forming machines have inbuilt technology known as computed aided design (CAD/CAM) systems. This feature enables the devices to function at their maximum potential. The ability to program the machines via computer helps with accuracy, catches flawed products, and minimizes waste.

Some higher-end roll forming machines also boast integrated laser or TIG welding capabilities. While this can result in a loss of energy efficiency, using this technology means that an operator can remove a whole step in the manufacturing process.

Used Roll Forming Machines For Sale - What To Look For

A smart consumer will conduct research to find the right fit of equipment, making comparisons as they go. Some key considerations when buying a roll forming machine include:

The quality of the machine The price The panel profile production Whether any warranty is included Whether any additional services such as installation and maintenance are provided

The roll forming industry is continually evolving and improving its technology. This, in turn, means that the quality and choice of used roll forming machines for sale is also on the rise.

If you are looking for a top-quality used roll forming machine, browse our range or get in touch with our customer services team to discuss your needs today.

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Used roll forming machines for sale

The world of metal production wouldn't be possible without roll forming machines.

Monday, 21st December 2020